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    Along the descending slope of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, in southwest China, are now dwelling Hmong (Miao people), Dong, Buyi, Shui, Yao, Tujia, Zhuang, Dai, Maonan and other minority nationality. They are one part of the great Chinese Nation. Here flourishes the culture of Hmong, Dong, and the other minorities, which rivals any other minorities in the mordenizing China, are the component parts of the great Chinese Culture. These old and mysterious cultures have attracted numerous people to look into them, study them and experience them.

    Guizhou, especially in Qiandongnan (Southeast of Guizhou) Miao (Hmong) and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of China, is an area with the largest population of Hmong and Dong people, and is the primary culture center of Hmong and Dong people, is of the world Hmong and Dong, by the reputation is "world Miao (Hmong) and Dong cultural heritage retention core place". Here has biggest Hmong village¡ª¡ªXijiang in Leishan, biggest Dong village¡ª¡ªZhaoxing in Liping. Of course, here also live other minorities such as Shui,Buyi, Yao, and so on. Hmong and Dong here have completely kept the old traditional culture and conventions. Therefore in this place , you can see the old and quiet stilted houses of Hmong and Dong, the great, magnificent Drum Tower and Roofed Bridge of Dong; you can hear the Da Song (mixed chorus song) and Pipa Song of Dong which has ever made a great sensation in Paris; you can also enjoy Lusheng tunes and dances of Dong and Hmong, and the unrestrained Fanpai Wooddrum Drum Dance of Taijiang's Hmong. And you can see here the Hmong and Dong girls wearing their colorful clothes with all kinds of silver ornaments on them; and see the old and unique embroidery and batik skills, and other exquisite arts and crafts ......   

   The WWW.HMONGHOME.COM was set up by Hmong's and Dong's scholars who have a good grasp of the minority people's cultures such as Hmong's and Dong's and who have been engaged in the research for minority cultures. We base ourselves upon the center of the Hmong and Dong of the world -- Qiandongnan (South-east of Guizhou, China), and regard the exploration, research, expansion of the culture of Hmong and Dong and other brotherly minorities as our own task. At the same time, we are developing and selling the folk craftworkes of the minorities. We are carrying on wholesales and retail sales, and purchase service through the website.

    Hmonghome program's mission is to promote Hmong (Miao) and some other minority culture of Guizhou, empower communities and cultivate compassionate educated global citizens to join us. Hereby we offer the eco-tour information of minority culture and an arena to exchange research articles.

   If you show interest in the old , mysterious and various Hmong's and Dong's culture in China , you must be able to get the followings without out of your country : ¡¡


knowing these minorities and experiencing their cultures ;
bullet get some infonation of about Report and Study ;
bullet some News and Research about these peoples and their cultures ;


share in some theoretics and opinion in the Forum ;

bullet some Charity for these people and their cultures ; 


to enjoy much of photo from minorities in China;

bullet buy some very beautiful handicrafts and antiques¡ª¡ªembroidery, batik, painting......for your study and collection;
bullet some practical travel services to your taste and so on ;
bullet some trade and investment services in these minorities area;  

    Please read carefully the contents of this website, and we can help to make your dreams come true.

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